building update

🔹🔹Gym Building Update🔹🔹

It has been a while since we shared with you the progress of the new addition to our forever home. Our team has been working through some project bumps and delays.

Minor Changes
Like all projects, there will be small changes to work through. Things can be envisioned one way, but when put into action, it comes out different. Or working through an idea to make our project even better. The District opted to add some additional concrete around the front of the building to help the flow and connect it more effectively to the existing building. Our team created additional bus parking and electrical outlets on the west side of the building. This change allows a more fluid flow of traffic and bus storage. Some additional electrical outlets were added on the interior of the building as well.

Electrical Panel
The project has experienced some larger bumps that have caused delays. Initially the project was expected to be completed in early November. We were made aware in early October that the project’s electrical panel arrival was delayed. The panel was ordered in January, so hearing its late October shipping date was hard to hear. This was a critical path item that was needed before the HVAC system could be started, the flooring and bleachers can be installed, and other interior finishes wrapped up.

Hopeful, we pressed forward with the delay. The panel soon arrived, but it was damaged. Our site team discussed solutions for this delay. Essentially, there are two solutions: delay the project or invest money into a temporary electrical solution until the new panel is (estimated) shipped in mid-December.

As excited as we are for our classes and teams to move into the new gym, I believe investing money in a temporary electrical solution is not the best option. You, our community, have entrusted us with the responsibility of being wise stewards of the community’s finances.

There are some Hail Mary’s in play that could save the project’s timeline, but without them, the estimated completion is early February 2023.

While not a delay, the roof is another major item of discussion and repair. The new addition’s roof was installed incorrectly. Currently it is not at risk of leaking, but as is, the warranty will be void and it runs the risk over time of leaking. The District, the construction manager, and the construction general contractor are currently working for a resolution.

One of my favorite quotes is, “The most difficult things are the ones worth doing.” We are not promised that life will be easy, but I have learned that the hurdles that challenge us, we choose work through, and we invest in them are the most rewarding. Kelso C-7 family, the building projects we have been able to complete with your support may not have been easy, nor perfect, but are most certainly some of the most rewarding processes I have been a part of. An entirely new facility for our students, employees, and community during phase I and now phase II-1000% worth it and worthwhile. Once completed we will have our very own home court, enlarged room for our special education students, increased safety with another FEMA storm shelter, added security access in parts of the current building, and created a space large enough for us to gather as a school family. Despite the bumps and delays, our hearts are still grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Kelso C-7 history and for your continued support. Thank you Kelso C-7 family! 

Dr. Kimberly Burger