A few updates

A Few Updates a Week In…

We are a week into another fantastic school year!  It is so good to have students back in the building!  Our enrollment has increased to 192 students?!?! That is an increase of 25 students!  With that increase we have made some tweaks here and there to ensure we are always doing our best to be safe and to be the most productive we can with the time we have with our students.   Here’s just a few changes, but also, some reminders as well.  

New and changes are tough.  We have experienced some hiccups and minor setbacks with our new student information system.  We are very grateful for your patience and understanding.  If you are having any difficulties, please let us know. We are glad to help or help find an answer for you.  

Morning Car Rider Line: Students are to be dropped off at the front door.  Mrs. Lands and/or Nurse Rongey will usually be available to greet and help our students in the morning.  If your child has to be unbuckled, needs another hug, or you plan to walk them to the door, please park in one of the available spaces and walk them to the front door.  Unless you need to talk to someone in the office, we do ask that parents not come into the building first thing.  It makes it easier for your kiddos to get into this routine.  

PM Car Rider Line: To accommodate the growth, our afternoon car rider line is making a small change.  The exterior of the parking lot will stay the same.  We will also continue to direct overflow traffic to the middle lane; however, we will be utilizing two lanes in the middle row now. If you are directed to the middle row and are the first person, please line up and park giving space for another row of traffic in the middle lane.  We also ask that if you are in the middle row, not to call out to your child to cut across the line.  In order to keep our students safe and ensure all get where they need to, students will follow the line to the appropriate vehicle.  

After School Care:  After the Texas school tragedy this spring, we were tragically reminded of the importance of one unsecure door.  All doors will be secure, even during after school hours.  We also want our students to be able to play outside and our families not to have to walk around the construction site.  The game plan is for that if  students are not in the multipurpose room, a note will be placed on the exterior of the MP doorsl letting parents know where they are located.  If they are on the playground, please come to the main door to be buzzed in by an administrator after school. If they are located in the Team Room 2, there will be note stating so, and families can go to the farthest door (opposite of the main entrance) to be let in by one of the after school care supervisors.  They will be located within sight and sound of your family coming to the door.   We appreciate your understanding to work through these scenarios in order to keep our students safe.  

Lunch/Breakfast: If you are like me, you got spoiled not having to worry about lunch/breakfast money during COVID’s free meals.  The National Food and Nutrition Service Policy sets the charge limit at $10.  We know this can easily happen, but we do ask our families to work to keep our district within compliance.  One of the features of the new student information system is the ability to send email reminders of balances.  When we see your family’s balances at or approaching the amount, we will be sending reminders to add money to your child’s account.  If you have not provided a good email address yet, please do so.  This is another feature that allows us to be more efficient for our school family.  

Lunch/Breakfast Payments: With the switch to Teacher Ease, the District no longer uses Chalkable. If you have made a payment using the Chalkable App this school year, please email me or call the main office please.  Moving forward, please either make payments on the Teacher Ease app or send a payment to school with your kiddo.  

If there is anything we can help your family with as we transition back to school, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help your family have the best year yet! 


Dr. Kim Burger