2nd Quarter Honor roll

We are over halfway through the year!! It's hard to believe!  We are "honored" and very proud to announce all of our students who earned honor rolls for the second quarter of the 2021-22 school year.   

In order to qualify, a student must maintain an A- average or above to make the A Honor Roll and maintain a B- average or above to make the B Honor Roll.  No student qualifies for the Honor Roll with a grade below a C or a grade of unsatisfactory in a class where letter grades are not used.  The Honor Roll is determined by using an eleven-point system using the following classes: Literature/reading, math, English, spelling, vocabulary, science and social studies.  If there is a * that denotes a student is earned straight A's.  

Here's our amazing line-up: 

2nd Grade – A Honor Roll

*Nyah Adaway, Tyler Jackson, *Jordan Koenig, Halle Todt

2nd Grade – B Honor Roll

Mylah Armitage, Evan Bickings, Hunter Bourbon, Vanellope DeShaney, Drew Essner, Kyon Garrett, Brooke Reeves Brynlee Ressel, Juliet Roberts


3rd Grade – A Honor Roll

*Owen Andrews, *Mabrey Burger, *Berkley Dirnberger, Kinley Glastetter, *Abby Hayes, *Ally Hayes, *Heidi Heuring, *Kolbey Landewee, Dawson Scherer, *Charlotte Steimle, *Brooklyn Wright

3rd Grade – B Honor Roll

Drew Benson, Kohltin Dietrich, Johnny Drake, Anna Kluesner, Keagan Woods


4th Grade – A Honor Roll

Luke Benson, *Cordyn Borders, Bennett Dirnberger, Alex Drury, *Callen Glastetter, Derek Heisserer, Bennett Jaynes, Hadley Miller

4th Grade – B Honor Roll

Loren Conklin, Belle Enos, Leeland Duenne, Miles Leggett, Parker Reeves, Mannie Shaw, Elise Wilhelm


5th Grade – A Honor Roll

Kairi Armbruster, Rocky Burger, Clara Drake, Sophie Fodge, *Aidynne Glastetter, *Henry Glastetter, *Ty Glastetter, Keira Glueck, *Hailey Heuring, *Braydon Kielhofner, *Chloe Kluesner, Lilly Moll, *Caleb Vetter,

5th Grade – B Honor Roll

Charley Buell, Kinley Debrock, Josie Kimberlin, Pasiley Koenig


6th Grade – A Honor Roll

 Kamden Bollinger, Kynli Duenne, Kolin Heisserer

6th Grade – B Honor Roll

Preston Burger, Jayden Hennecke, Omar Johnson, Ellie Marret, Layla Taylor, Dillon Young


7th Grade – A Honor Roll

*Jack Dirnberger, Aliana Garrett, *Kale Leggett, *Noah Vetter

7th Grade – B Honor Roll

Parker Burford, Marley Conklin, Aiden Grogg, Connor Jaynes, Ava Kenkel, Weston Klipfel, Owen Thompson, Ellie Wilhelm


8th Grade – A Honor Roll

Kade Wilson

8th Grade – B Honor Roll

Adam Canoy, Charleigh DeShaney, Rakeem Randall, Mackinzie Weathers, Griffin Wilhelm


*before name denotes straight A’s