As we enter the holiday season we also enter the flu and general sickness season.  Prior to 2020, this period would be much more cut and dry, but after COVID entered the picture that changed the landscape.  It presents a lot of what ifs and worries for leaders across the world. 


As of today (11/19), our district has 1 active case and 3 probable cases of COVID 19.  A probable case is that the person has a high chance of having it and has not been tested/does not have a result yet.   We have also had a large increase in a stomach bug and a virus that presents with fever and a rash.   

Kindergarten has been directly impacted.  With the nature of kindergarten age students, we are unable to contact trace effectively.  As a result, the kindergarten classroom will be closing and transitioning to AMI packets for Monday 11/22 and Tuesday 11/23.  This will allow families to take time to get well and the district to implement deep cleaning procedures.  There will be no virtual learning during the two days (just paper packet instruction/activities), so there will be no device checkout.  Mrs. Hahn will be onsite and available during regular business hours if your family needs any help. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes your family, but our intent is always to keep our school family safe and well.  

 Families and classrooms that have been directly impacted by COVID positives and probable cases have been notified, but we wanted to make sure all of our families are up to date.  This helps us keep your family and all of our families healthy going into the holiday season.  As always, if your child is not feeling well (COVID or not), please keep them at home.  I truly know that this is a hardship to stay at home from work, but for us to keep our school family healthy as a whole, we need everyone’s help.


I am very grateful for all of your support and cooperation.  Through all of this we have experienced so much grace and understanding from our school family. 


 Thank you and I wish you all the best Thanksgiving!

Dr. Kimberly Burger