Kelso C-7 will be piloting new dismissal procedures as school begins on August 25th.   

Here are the basics: 

  • Families picking up will line up two cars deep in the parking lot, along the front the building, down the east side of the parking lot, and the far isle of the parking lot (parallel to the drainage ditch). 
  • in the enrollment packet, each family received a cardstock with their family name on it.  We ask that those picking up will have the name displayed on their dash to help identify families.  
  • All cars will be in park, not moving until all children and families are in their car.
  • Teachers will walk the classes through the center isle (between the two rows of vehicles), around the parking.  Teachers will open doors, but if your child needs hep buckling, we ask that the adult exit their car to help students.  
  • Once all children and adults have either been placed in their car or returned safely to the sidewalks, the center row of cars will be allowed to exit the parking lot, followed by the outer row. 

For the more in-depth explanation, head over to the district Facebook page for the informational video.  This video will also be available throughout the year in case your family has someone new picking up your student.  

We appreciate your understanding and grace as we work to make our procedures more efficient.   If you have any questions, please feel to reach out to us.